Leaflets. Where it all begins and then what do not know our customers.

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Perhaps the names in this article could be very, very much. Thus, one of the most successful, in our opinion would sound like leaflet. Secrets of the printer. Or something like that. However, no matter how called our article, the questions that we would like it to light, for the most part unknown to customers. After all, in any self-respecting printing or advertising-production company problems faced by artists, industrialists, printers virtually unknown clients. Since the latter has already obtained the final result and, of course, in time. However, force majeure when printing the same leaflets are force majeure, production problems are problems, and commitments to customers are obligations. Need such leaflets? And So. Office printing or advertising company.

Part I. We claim layout.

The manager accepts the order. Clearly captures all your wishes. Flyers. Print on both sides (“they” for some reason this is called “4 + 4”). A mock-up of the handbill? Assuming that you do not have it. But what’s the problem, you say? It is. Put the desired text in the familiar Word “connect” all together and press “print” on the press. Here in front of you and open professionalism “manager.” If you order flyers that you have the same feeling of lightness and simplicity, it is likely to work with you a professional. Let us dwell a little on this point and podglyad the birth of your order. Your leaflet.

The manager who took the order for production of flyers decisive step goes to the designer with a single purpose, namely to give him clear terms of reference, your wishes regarding end-species flyers. They are about something begin to rapidly consult, argue, the designer takes a pensive pose, starts asking some questions. Waving hands, emotion on his face. It seems as if you can see how this man passes through itself a thought. Eyebrows periodically creeping up. Lips compressive stress.

“Leaflets, flyers!” Stroke of the pen! Pencil, a sheet of paper. Tablet. Computer mouse. Some strange name programs. Oh! And here is the “familiar from childhood” photoshop. And it is here !! There are the first models of your designs. Flyers in the presentation of the designer. Leaflets with thoughts to work with you manager. A number of variations on the theme flyers with your wishes. And watch it all the time inexorably cut released on production of leaflets period.

You phone rings and the manager reports that leaflets, or rather their models delivered to you. You are looking at. So Much. Here is a little too vulgar, but this is serious. This somehow futuristic, but this … just what we need!! Yes I Do!! Do this! Leaflet at number three in the right column layouts sent.

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NSU leaflet provides trouble

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A sheet of paper was found on 28 November 2004 in cart 2227 the KVB tram 16, currently provides plenty of vertebrae. “Did the police ever thought about what had the whole thing for an explanation?”, It says in the leaflet refers to the nail bomb attack in the Keupstraße in which about half a year ago 22 people were injured. The attack was “a sign of protest, a warning”. In the Keupstraße finally a lot of foreigners were living what most Germans did not like. “And if you ask me, that was just the beginning, it could get worse. German defend yourselves! “, Says the paper.

The Cologne investigators, it is said, internal documents, not evaluated this text message as a right-wing sympathizers of the stop. On the contrary: The leaflet is to be understood as “prompt the author to the public” to defend themselves against such attacks and against xenophobia.

“That takes the biscuit ground,” commented Wolfgang Wieland, chairman of the Greens in the Bundestag Committee of Inquiry into murder series of right-wing NSU, on Wednesday the former interpretation of the text by the investigators. This view shows clearly that “the investigating authorities obviously blind in the right eye were” added SPD-chairwoman Eva Högl.

With regard to the ongoing investigation by the Attorney General, the Cologne police and prosecutors do not want to comment on the investigation at that now. The investigators had a right-wing extremist background of the stop excluded relatively quickly and suspected offenders in red light districts. A devastating mistake, as has now been found that the bomb was placed on current knowledge of the NSU terrorists Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt.

The author, who has the controversial pamphlet dumped or lost in November 2004 in the KVB, was, according to internal documents “not detected”. Also on this and the effort which was then operated for the search, the authorities do not want to speak now. Whether a successful search, the investigation would have much progress, but is very questionable. In the pamphlet in any case there is no evidence that insider knowledge might have had something to do with the author of fact or.

Nevertheless, the criticism of politicians in the committee of inquiry is not quite ineffective. Although there were indications that the Cologne attack could have to do with the nationwide NSU series of murders of migrants who held the investigators that after some initial considerations for a pipe dream.

This also applies to the experts from the Federal, the erroneously determined expected it to at least one of the perpetrators had a center of life in Cologne. Even the witness of a murder in Franconia, the reported similarities to the Cologne stop, did not change the BKA assessment. From today’s perspective seemingly dangerous Reason: In Cologne, it did it I traded “a kind of global advance” against foreigners around, elsewhere, however, to targeted individual actions. And you could “not compare apples with pears”.

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When is leafleting effective?

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Thanks to technological innovation today there are so many different types of effective advertising. Media of all sorts and colors just an orgy colorful commercials and messages that have excellent performance. It would seem, on the background of the diversity of this “antiquated” method as flyers, long must take a back seat. However, advertisers still have great pleasure and continue to use the distribution and dissemination of leaflets, especially in large cities. And there are a number of logical explanation.
Firstly, this kind of advertising requires a much lower material costs. Secondly, the promoters who are engaged in the distribution of leaflets in public places, can directly select target audience. For example, if you open a women’s clothing store large, then hand out flyers with a colorful message on the opening of your store should be, of course, full of ladies. Third, the distribution of leaflets can be done according to geographical landmarks – promoter with leaflets located in a public place near your store and distributes them to people going in the direction of the store. If a person has a little bit of time, and he is interested in your offer, he will certainly look into the shop advertised.

It is necessary to distinguish between the distribution of leaflets to passers-by and their distribution in the mailboxes, special counters in shopping malls, the layout for the windshield wipers of cars, etc. This method of advertising is considered to be less effective because it is difficult to identify the target audience. Most flyers simply thrown in the trash, but some still reach the goal and bring customers to the advertiser. It is believed that the leaflets have an efficiency of up to 10%; this figure may be somewhat larger, if you combine the distribution of leaflets and their layout, and does not put ads posting with your advertising. Also, statistics show that for an effective advertising campaign is necessary to use the party flyers is not less than 300 000 copies.

In addition to mass, the key to the successful distribution of leaflets is their appearance. And it is not necessary that the leaflet was the most vibrant and catchy – too harsh colors only irritate consumers. The basis of effective leaflet – it is an attractive, interesting design, it is best with a nice picture and a short, accessible to remember the advertising message. It is desirable that the man wanted a couple more times to consider the leaflet, it will help to create a positive image of the advertised object.

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