Leaflets. Where it all begins and then what do not know our customers.

Perhaps the names in this article could be very, very much. Thus, one of the most successful, in our opinion would sound like leaflet. Secrets of the printer. Or something like that. However, no matter how called our article, the questions that we would like it to light, for the most part unknown to customers. After all, in any self-respecting printing or advertising-production company problems faced by artists, industrialists, printers virtually unknown clients. Since the latter has already obtained the final result and, of course, in time. However, force majeure when printing the same leaflets are force majeure, production problems are problems, and commitments to customers are obligations. Need such leaflets? And So. Office printing or advertising company.

Part I. We claim layout.

The manager accepts the order. Clearly captures all your wishes. Flyers. Print on both sides (“they” for some reason this is called “4 + 4″). A mock-up of the handbill? Assuming that you do not have it. But what’s the problem, you say? It is. Put the desired text in the familiar Word “connect” all together and press “print” on the press. Here in front of you and open professionalism “manager.” If you order flyers that you have the same feeling of lightness and simplicity, it is likely to work with you a professional. Let us dwell a little on this point and podglyad the birth of your order. Your leaflet.

The manager who took the order for production of flyers decisive step goes to the designer with a single purpose, namely to give him clear terms of reference, your wishes regarding end-species flyers. They are about something begin to rapidly consult, argue, the designer takes a pensive pose, starts asking some questions. Waving hands, emotion on his face. It seems as if you can see how this man passes through itself a thought. Eyebrows periodically creeping up. Lips compressive stress.

“Leaflets, flyers!” Stroke of the pen! Pencil, a sheet of paper. Tablet. Computer mouse. Some strange name programs. Oh! And here is the “familiar from childhood” photoshop. And it is here !! There are the first models of your designs. Flyers in the presentation of the designer. Leaflets with thoughts to work with you manager. A number of variations on the theme flyers with your wishes. And watch it all the time inexorably cut released on production of leaflets period.

You phone rings and the manager reports that leaflets, or rather their models delivered to you. You are looking at. So Much. Here is a little too vulgar, but this is serious. This somehow futuristic, but this … just what we need!! Yes I Do!! Do this! Leaflet at number three in the right column layouts sent.

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